At The Art Studio I’ve learnt how to relax with my art especially in regards to painting. One of my great achievements is completing a portrait of my husband and son. I’ve struggled with painting in the past but now feel confident in mixing colours and in attacking a painting as a painting not a drawing. I now know how to set up a painting, mix colours and apply paint in a painterly way. The studio offeres a vibrant relaxing atmosphere with nice people and a great teacher. I also love the fact that all materials are provided, so all I have to do is turn up. I will recommend these classes to everyone, especially people who struggle to find time for their art.

Kiri Weller

I have been attending The Art Studio for a few years. It is an intimate creative studio where you are encouraged to follow through on your art ideas and where you feel comfortable to ask questions and learn. I personally learn something new every time I attend.  Throughout the years I have learnt how to paint freely, try different techniques and use different  mediums and have been encouraged to use my imagination whilst always thinking about basic techniques like light, tone and colour. The teacher Osnat Almog is enthusiastic, happy and knowledgable. I would recommend these classes to any beginner or any person who would like to improve their knowledge of art and their practical skills. 

Yvonne Phillips

I have been coming to art classes for the past 3 years and I’ve immensely enjoyed my experiences at The Art Stdio. I’ve learned a lot about colour & texture & shapes & layers & brushes but most of all I’ve learned to take risks, try things out, experiment & have fun doing so!

Through guidance I have been experimenting & finding my own style.  I learned about many artists from Osnat, who is very knowledgeable about artists in many styles & can conjure them up in an instant on her computer screen so you understand in that moment the connection she is making to your work & the inspiration she is sign posting for you.
There are many unique aspects to The Art Studio experience- I’ve done many art courses but not only is Osnat a warm, generous person but she has the gift of  bringing both structure & freedom to each person there – expertly guiding us through our passions, our fears & our resistance to the next step! The great variety of music playing as we work & the welcome biccies & tea served in beautiful Moroccan glasses are also without compare! 
I will recomend to anyone who loves making art, who has ideas they’ve always wanted to try, who hasn’t yet found the right place to express their artistic self, the art studio is a hidden gem waiting for you to find it!

Nora O’Loughlin

You inspired me to take my art further and helped me producing work that enabled me to get a portfolio together.

Lorraine Hudson

The art studio classes have given me the confidence to try many artistic projects and take me from a nervous amateur to an exhibiting artist.

John Vassey

At The Art Studio I found ways to connect to my inspiration and create art that I believed was not possible.